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    Purpose of the game

    CALCULISSIMO is a game played by two to four people from 7 to 97 years old. The aim of the game is to form operations sensibly placed on the board by using the figures and the operations. Each player will try to obtain the highest score by arranging his or her tokens in the best possible way and by using at their best the bonus squares (x2) in green and yellow, or the squares (x3) in blue and purple. The final score of the game can be high when the players are cunning.

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  • Calculissimo PLUS

    CALCULISSIMO PLUS is a more challenging edition from the CALCULISSIMO classic edition. It requires additional challenge cards (available on our online shop).
    Each time you place a token on a bonus square x2 or x3, you receive a challenge card among the available 20. Answer the question before the end of the hourglass (around 2 minutes). If you answer correctly to the challenge card question, you will receive the bonus points (x2 or x3) corresponding to the bonus square. Otherwise you will lose all points of your round.

    Contents of the game

    The box of the game Calculissimo contains a hard and magnatized plastic game board, 100 magnetic tokens, 4 racks and a bag to shuffle the tokens.
    All the HSBD products are checked by the National Laboratory of Metrology and Tries to answer the European directives 2009/48/CE to be able to be used by children under age 14 and guarantee them a maximal safety during their use.

    Educational Objectives

    Calculating while having fun, such is HSBD's motto.
    Satisfying the needs to learn and to develop the children's capacities, this is our job.
    Through our educational game your child will be able to reason and to improve his or her knowledge in mental calculation.
    CALCULISSIMO is an educational and evolutionary game for all the family from 7 to 97 years old allowing the learning and the improvement of mathematics while having fun.

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